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ISBX is the Agency of Record for Cars 4 Causes (C4C), one of the largest vehicle donation charitable organizations in the United States. We providing the following services across key areas of the C4C organization.

Business Intelligence/Technology - We are performing Business Intelligence consulting and Technology execution throughout C4C's organization, including setting up or revising Inventory Control, Accounting Systems, Data/Document Management, and Reporting Systems.

Creative Development - our team is responsible for the Creative Development of all the media campaigns and landing pages for C4C.

Search Optimization and Marketing - Working closely with the internal C4C Marketing team, we are helping to manage all the PPC, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Mobile - On the Mobile front, we have developed a custom mobile solution for their vendors that works even on the oldest of mobile phones using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to set the status of vehicles in the field, which then is communicated and logged back to the C4C database records.

C4C and ISBX together are creating revised business structure through the use of Technology/Business Intelligence, Creative, and Marketing that will enable C4C to be more nimble and react quicker to opportunities and challenges in the years to come.


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