Screenshot of Google Webmaster Tools


Google provides powerful tools to track your website link showing up on Google search results. You can evaluate which keywords (search queries) you rank for and where in the search results your website shows up on. Google provides the number of impressions and from there you can track users clicking through to your website. If you combine the Google Webmaster Tools stats with Google Analytics you can get very meaningful and actionable data for you to improve and enhance your marketing reach.

Viewing Your Google Search Impressions

When you login to Google's Webmaster Tools under the Search Queries section you can see the keywords (search queries) that were performed on Google search where your website link showed up for the given date range. You can see the average position within the search results where your link was visible. The lower the average position the better as it increases the probability of the link getting clicked on. The most important information in the report is the number of "impressions" compared with the number of "clicks" (which is referred to as the Click Through Rate or CTR).

If you click through to the "Top Pages" tab, you'll find a list of the top website pages on your site that are linked to in the Google search results. Here you can see which of the pages are being indexed and which ones are getting more traffic. You should note, which pages are not showing up here and look at ways to improve your on-page SEO and submit a revised Sitemap to Google so they can properly index your website pages.

Evaluating Your Website's Click Through Rate

Now that you've evaluated your website impressions showing up on Google search results you can now dive into Google Analytics for your website and see what users are actually doing on your website. After logging into Google Analytics click into the "Audience" section and under "User Flows" you can change the first column from "Country/Territory" to "Keyword" to see which search queries generated a click through to your website and what the user did on the site. You can then gauge how well your search marketing is doing by evaluating impression of keywords, click through to the website, and performing the action you want (i.e. are they signing up on your website, are they clicking to download your app, or are they purchasing a product from your website).

The above touches on just the basic use of Google's Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. You should dig deeper into the data available and look at ways to increase your page rankings and search impressions as that will undoubtedly increase click through rate and conversion. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.