We know no boundaries when it comes to technology solutions

Technology is our passion

At the heart of ISBX is our technology team. We strive to utilize the latest standards and best practices across all the platforms we use. We have a very structured Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) following a flexible agile process and are constantly refining and improving our internal workflow. We often find ourselves working closely with our clients to adapt a software development workflow that works best for the project. Many times we have worked closely alongside our client's existing software development teams. The following is a list of our expertise and capabilities.

Mobile Apps

Since inception of the company back in 2009, our company has focused on cross-platform mobile App development. We have experts in creating universal iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, Android apps that work across 800+ unique device hardware, and platforms such as Windows Phone and Blackberry. Our mobile App developers have years of experience in Objective-C, C++ and abundant knowledge with Apple's iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) as well Java and Android's SDK and NDK (Native Development Kit).

It is quite often we field questions about functionality that may or may not be supported by the iOS SDK or Android SDK. If you are not certain a particular feature can be built, please don't hesitate to contact us and we are more than happy to discuss it with you.

Web Apps

Before smartphones and mobile apps started to dominate the Internet, our founders and backend engineers were building Websites. We work on consumer facing responsive websites as well as backend enterprise database driven web applications. We have experts in PHP, ASP.NET/C#, Java, and Node JS. We also have amazing frontend developers utilizing the latest HTML5, Javascript, and CSS technologies that maximize website compatibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile web browsers. Although, we prefer to write our apps natively, we have found that HTML5 apps built with PhoneGap can allow clients to launch quicker with lower budgets than native apps. If you have questions about HTML5 vs. Native apps, we're happy to answer any questions you might have.

Enterprise Backend Systems

Although our portfolio of work shows a lot of major brands and consumer facing apps and websites, we have spent a lot of time building out large-scale systems for fortune 500 companies. We have also found that majority of the mobile and tablet apps we have created require some backend system connectivity such as integration with a Content Management System (CMS) to push content out to mobile apps and websites; or integration with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System for registration and signups.

Our backend development team consists of database architects (DBAs), enterprise software architects, and knowledgeable DevOps professionals. We have designed and worked in several N-tier based backend system requiring integration with legacy mainframe systems, custom business intelligence systems, and encryption/security frameworks. We have also gone through several certifications both personnel as well as application certification processes for clients.

Connected Devices and the Internet of Things

Over the last several years we have worked on projects involving connected devices such as Bluetooth and USB sensors, speakers, webcams, and Google Glass. Some of our clients include Beats by Dre, PASCO scientific, and Typo Keyboards where we have created critical software components and firmware to work with their hardware devices. We are one of the few mobile App and web development companies to specialize in this field to provide a complete mobile, web, desktop, and connected device solution.

Moving beyond web and mobile

In our effort to be the most comprehensive and complete cross-platform solution provider we also offer services for creating and launching Microsoft Windows apps, Mac OS X apps, Linux Ubuntu, and Chromebook Web Store apps. Often times traditional desktop apps are overlooked, but we have found that depending on your industry, there is still a large market for these apps and Microsoft, Apple, and Google have an ecosystem for App adoption on the desktop. We believe a cross-platform approach to launching your product can achieve the maximum audience reach possible.