User Experience and Information Architecture allow for easy discovery and navigation of your app or website

Defining the conversion funnel

Every great mobile App and website focuses on guiding the user through a series of steps from discovering your App to getting the user to interact with the App and accomplish your objective. We call this process the conversion funnel. When we kick off the UX design phase of the project we first take the time to understand your target audience and the user personas that will use your mobile App and website. We perform a competitive analysis looking at your competitors and evaluating what they do well and where they are lacking so we can help you define a user experience that is the best-of-breed in the industry.

With this knowledge we can then draft flowcharts and sitemaps for collaborative feedback and solidifying user flows. We work collaboratively with you to make sure we get the project off on the right track.

Drafting the storyboards and wireframes

The most important part of the Information Architecture design phase is the storyboards and wireframes. These documents provide a blueprint for your mobile App and website. Just like a construction project, the blueprints serve as an architectural guide for our creative design team and software developers so they can build your product to a specification that has been mutually agreed upon. Wireframes are also a great tool for constant collaboration and brainstorming iterative enhancements to your product after launch. Subtle changes to the App can be visualized without having to go through a lengthy development phase.

Continual iteration and refinement

User experience design and information architecture doesn't stop after this initial phase in the project. After launching your App and website we utilize analytics and reporting tools such as Google Analytics, MixPanel, and Localytics to evaluate the conversion funnel and see how your App and website is doing to drive conversion. We can determine if there are roadblocks in the user flows or change in user behavior. This analysis will help us make the necessary changes and tweaks that will improve the user funnel and increase conversion rates for your website and App.