jvc mobile

Product Support and Dealer Locator

All-in-one product information center and dealer locator

The Challenge

Renowned consumer electronics brand, JVC, approached ISBX to build a promotional iPhone and Android app consisting of a catalog of the entire line of JVC Mobile products, a dealer locator, as well as a feature that would allow users to open up JVC compatible partner apps, such as Pandora, from within the JVC Mobile app. The app would be the first to showcase JVC's Mirror Link technology, a feature that would allow for the seamless display of the app's contents on selected JVC Mobile in-car displays and head units.

JVC's goal was to create awareness around its vehicle specific products in addition to drawing special attention to its in-dash video display units.

The Solution

ISBX proposed for an application that would fulfill several objectives:

  • Enable Word of Mouth Promotion through Social Sharing
  • Provide Software Support for JVC Mobile Products
  • Showcase JVC Mobile Products
  • Demonstrate Real World Use of JVC's Mirror Link Technology

To address these objectives, ISBX integrated Facebook and Twitter sharing, firmware update capability, a full JVC mobile product catalog with promotional videos, and a dealer locator with Google Maps integration and GPS based search. The highlight of the application was the capability to leverage JVC's Mirror Link Technology - a feature that allows selected JVC Mobile In-Dash Head Units with Video Display to provide either a mirrored or second screen experience. The feature is designed to support a physical connection to Apple and selected Android mobile phones, allowing a user to mirror contents of various mobile apps, such as Pandora and iHeart Radio in high resolution, to one of several JVC Mobile head units.

In order to create a mobile solution that was seamless in its connectivity to JVC's selected in-dash video display units, ISBX opted to create an application that was exclusively designed for landscape use and, therefore, when connected through JVC's proprietary "Mirror Link" technology, would create a seamless experience for the brand's consumers.

The project required that ISBX set up a "test bench" with selected JVC Mobile Head Units delivered from JVC's facilities in Long Beach, CA. From there, ISBX was able to physically test compatibility with both Apple's 30-pin connector and Android's micro-USB interfaces.


The result was a successful launch of the product, in time for JVC's trade show event. The mobile apps were successfully demonstrated to JVC's internal product management teams, as well as to the public, and helped to create awareness around JVC's line of 7" app-compatible, double-DIN receivers.

  • iTunes App Store iPhone App
  • Web Services
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • JVC's Mirror Link Technology
  • Integration with In-Car Infotainment system
  • Multi-System Integration