Linc energy

Clean Energy Edutainment App

The Challenge

Linc Energy, a publicly traded Australian energy company specializing in coal-based synthetic fuel production had the ambitious goal of educating the Australian public on its proprietary Underground Goal Gasification technology as well as establishing its presence as a leading edge, clean-tech energy company. Linc Energy's unique value proposition centered around the ability to locally extract, cleaner, safer and more economic recovery of fossil fuels without traditional mining techniques, and without the dependency on overseas and foreign fuel sources.

The client approached ISBX for a technology driven experience to help communicate the brands mission statement to the widest audience possible.

The Solution

ISBX's first approach was to, itself, better understand the core business of the client. This involved numerous educational discussions between key executives of the company and our team, as well as knowledge transfer through numerous technical and engineering documents. From this ISBX began storyboarding a gamification element, which eventually became the focus of the application, with the iPad proposed as the central platform to market and promote the experience and help demonstrate Linc Energy's progressive, technology focused culture.

ISBX decided on a 3D flight and vehicle simulator as the centerpiece of the application, with the goal of attracting the widest range of users in an easy to use, fun but fully educational experience. The game element also fostered significant brand immersion and engagement with the intended audience, while providing an informative experience in the form of "waypoints" that demonstrated a users journey between the various UCG facilities and provided opportunities to explain relevant fuel extraction technologies at each of the waypoints.

The user experience begins with a brief interactive animation that instructs a user to "Squeeze the coal" in an effort to simulate the high pressures within the coal seam during the extraction process. Upon squeezing the coal, a liquid gas emanates from the coal, eventually filling up the screen, demonstrating the second portion of the process - conversion of the gas to liquid (GTL) for appropriate future usage. The experience culminated in an easy to read marketing message centered around the efficiency and cleanliness of the process, before launching the user into the interactive game element. The "Squeeze the coal" experience would later resurface in specific segments of the game, to enable the user to "Refill" their aircraft or vehicle, and continue proceeding throughout the game.

The Results

The client ran a broad campaign around its UCG process and thereby significantly increased awareness around the brand and thereby generating traffic to its website. As a result, downloads surged, with nearly 50,000 downloads being made within the first three weeks of the campaign, despite being a secondary marketing component without its own standalone direct draw campaign or having any specific messaging promoting the application itself. As with our previous experience, this further evidenced the general publics propensity to engage in a mobile experience when made available.

Based on the results generated by the embedded analytics suite, the client saw substantial engagement within the application, with an average usage time of 56 minutes per visit over the course of the first 30 day period.

  • Launched iPad and iPhone App
  • Android Smartphone and Tablet App
  • 3D Interactive Spinning Globe
  • Embedded Parallax Driving Game
  • B2B Sales Tool to Drive Awareness
  • Integration of Stock Ticker