The Challenge

Neutrogena wanted to create awareness for its T/Gel® shampoos and reached out to ISBX to help drive additional traffic to its website.

The Solution

ISBX suggested a series of banner ad campaigns focusing on Neutrogena's product. Based on combined market research, ISBX determined that men were not as conscious about hygiene and less likely to spend time maintaining their hair in comparison to women, Neutrogena's core audience. The ads were designed with simple, bold messaging targeted at men while maintaining a fresh, cool, and bright aesthetic.

They emphasized the simplicity of the product, explaining that men should "use just once a week to reduce dandruff for an entire week." An extra incentive in the form of a coupon was included in the ad to help drive sales. Animated ads allowed ISBX to include more information and content than normal in the limited banner real estate.


Version A


Version B


The Result

A 27% increase in click-through rate was reported for this campaign in comparison to similar ads placed.