The Challenge

Social planning is fragmented, broken, and often painful -- as people use too many applications to make social plans with friends. The market a way to discover, plan, and experience all types of events and make social travel plans with friends in a single powerful solution.

People have limited visibility into friends’ plans. There is no easy way to discover events you care about based on personal interests and preferences. There is no easy and fun way to meet up with friends at live events and to engage with friends nearby in daily life.

Social planning is a hard problem to solve!

The Solution

Ribbon makes it easy to do the things you love with the people you care about most. Ribbon presents a solution with all of your social planning in one place.

We successfully integrated the right third party integrations to leverage applications that people already use. The Ribbon solution presents the entire social planning journey -- giving people the power to discover, plan, and experiencing all types of events and social travel.

Ribbon makes social planning FUN!


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The Results

A highly optimized consumer application available on iOS. Ribbon looks forward to a full consumer launch this summer upon completion of Ribbon Android.

Ribbon is developing a CRM and marketing solution for event brands and ticketing companies. Ribbon CRM delivers valuable real-time planning data that partners are unable to acquire from traditional methods.

Ribbon is building an advertising marketplace based on future intent.