turner classic movies

Guided Tour Entertainment App

A Unique Journey Including 100+ Classic Film Locations

The Challenge

TCM, a division of Turner, expressed interest in creating an application to showcase its various collections of classic film titles. With the TCM Film Festival (Hollywood, CA) nearing, the client asked ISBX if we could design and develop a Virtual Tour application centered on famous film locations in the Los Angeles area. TCM had just one problem - it did not have any photography or copy for the various film locations, but wanted to highlight each location within the application.

The Solution

ISBX design and developed the Hollywood Homes & Classic Film Locations app, which consisted of a virtual tour feature that used the camera phone, onboard GPS, compass and Augmented Reality (AR) to virtually pinpoint and locate 100 film locations within the virtual tour. ISBX developed a point system that rewarded virtual tour participants with "badges" for each location successfully visited or viewed. ISBX sent a team of photographers to capture imagery of the various film locations, while our project managers worked closely with TCM's copywriters to produce an App rich in copy, imagery and video content, while a special introduction by Turner Classic Movies host, Robert Osbourne, helped to greet new visitors.

Our team performed extensive testing on the accuracy of the GPS and Augmented Reality to validate the precision of the virtual tour feature.


ISBX successfully produced the application for iOS in time for the client's Film Festival Launch in Hollywood, California. With extensive testing on the accuracy of the GPS and Augmented Reality implementation, ISBX was able to release the App with guaranteed precision around the virtual tour feature.

  • HTML5
  • Web Services
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • In-App Purchase
  • Searh Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Multi-System Integration