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The Challenge

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at USC's Keck School of Medicine approached ISBX with the desire to create its own standalone web presence to promote its Residency Program. The existing site was based on a heavily templated and dated design shared across multiple programs within the Keck School of Medicine. The client wanted a site that would bring a fresh new feel to its well-regarded Internal Medicine Residency program in the hopes of attracting a strong pool of new applicants and create better awareness around the program. The client also requested that the site be designed to exceed the perceived quality of its competitor programs in other universities as well as feature a new web-based interview scheduling system to help track, schedule and assign interview sessions.

The Solution

Rather than simply re-design the website, ISBX sought to understand the core purpose and value of the new site. Our goal was to focus the homepage on answering the three most important questions any prospective applicant might ask about the program. From there a user could engage at a deeper level and learn more about the curriculum, the vast array of fellowship programs, and even begin scheduling an interview.

ISBX met with the Program Director at USC's Internal Medicine Residency facilities in Los Angeles, CA. From there we gained critical insight into the foundation of the program and its unique value proposition. We also learned about the existing administrative complexities around scheduling, both, applicant and resident interviews. From there we proposed a two-prong solution - to re-design a brand new standalone website, and to create an electronic interview scheduling system within the new site.

ISBX started with a creative questionnaire and then utilized its comprehensive Information Architecture process to hone in on the User Interface and User Experience Design. From this we produced a set of "wireframes" that were, essentially, the blueprints for the new site. After careful deliberations with selected USC faculty, we solidified our approach and determined the best interface -one that would present a wealth of information, while successfully simplifying the experience in a clean, organized and easy to use platform.

ISBX aimed to build a site that would look its best in a web browser as the current analytics seemed to indicate that most visitors preferred visiting the existing site from the comfort of their desktop or laptop computers. However, with the growing need for visibility on mobile device, ISBX performed the necessary revisions to ensure appropriate display on mobile devices.

The Results

ISBX succeeded in building a standalone website as well as a robust interview scheduling system that simplified the experience for its visitors and administration staff. The project was successfully migrated from ISBX's staging servers to a production environment without any issues and went live as scheduled. The first batch of interviews was exclusively scheduled and fulfilled using the new interview scheduling system in early 2014 and the site continues to represent the Internal Medicine Residency program in its best light. The necessary redirects from the previous site were put in place to direct any traffic that might have originated from the previous Keck School of Medicine site, as well as assure that the site ranked favorably in all Search Engine Response Pages.

  • Website Development
  • HTML5 Response UI Design
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Residency Program Scheduling
  • Searh Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Multi-System Integration