First-to-market in Building Software for Blockchain Powered Companies.

DApp and Smart Contract Development

With our team of blockchain engineers, we help you build programs that interface directly with the blockchain through Smart Contract powered, Decentralized Applications

The Digital Art Exchange democratizes the acquisition of high value art, through the use of blockchain technology. Purchase, own and display genuine works of art, designed by world-class artists, in a secure platform, without breaking the bank.

Private Blockchain Development

Private blockchains offer the benefits of decentralization and consensus without exposing proprietary data to the public. Whether it's a private or public blockchain, our team can help define the appropriate distributed ledger technology for your product and build a path towards execution.

An all-in- one Property Management System designed for large-scale hospitality management. Through ISBX, AQUA is developing a multi-state private blockchain to generate a Universal Consumer Profile, providing actionable insight for the largest hotel brands in the world. Currently deployed in Las Vegas hotels, AQUA will be powered by a token economy to provide benefits for both consumers and businesses.

Exchange API Integration

Leverage powerful cryptocurrency exchange API's to build algorithmic trading programs, or obtain realtime order book and pricing information for your pricing powered cryptocurrency applications

A comprehensive cryptocurrency pricing platform that integrates with cryptocurrency exchange API's to provide realtime pricing, transaction data import, and perform tax-smart accounting.

Knowledge and Authority

ISBX's Co-Founder and President, Arthur Iinuma has been active proponent of blockchain's first widespread application, cryptocurrency. He is a subject matter expert in the field and is a contributing writer to both Forbes and The CoinTelegraph.

Our Services
Mobile App Development
The world is powered by Smartphones - let us build your next blockchain-powered App on mobile. ISBX is a recognized leader in mobile application development with hundreds of apps developed for the world's largest companies.
Token and Currency Development
ISBX is building the next generation in cryptocurrencies. Whether your core hypothesis is based on a Directed Acyclic Graph or Blockchain technology, let our team of cryptographers and blockchain engineers build for your ICO.
Whitepaper Development
Have a new idea but need help articulating it on paper? Our team has extensive experience in technical documentation and can help with diagrams, wireframes and concept development for your next idea.
Regulatory Advisory Services
Through our partnership with Scale LA, ISBX is at the forefront of addressing policy making and regulation with respect to Financial Technology. Build your App with the confidence of full compliance in the U.S.
Blockchain Application Development
We're incubating a number of blockchain powered tech companies. Our blockchain developers are second to none, writing powerful applications using the latest in Solidity, Node.js and Angular.