Butch Hartman Works with ISBX to Create The Noog Network

Come visit the land of NOOG!

A colorful, zany world created by Emmy nominated cartoonist, Butch Hartman! If you loved his hit animated shows, “The Fairly OddParents,” “Danny Phantom” and “Tuff Puppy” on Nickelodeon, you’ll be wild about his new app, THE NOOG NETWORK! ISBX recently completed this imaginative app under Butch Hartman’s direction.

Now available for the iPhone, this interactive app is geared towards kids ages 6-14. The Noog Network is a vibrant world featuring games, live action TV Shows, and cartoons! Play silly games and watch mini-episodes to earn Noog Nickels. The more Noog Nickels you have, the more colorful characters (NOOGS) you can collect and use as avatars while navigating through fun adventures. It’s an ever-expanding world that will keep growing with new programming. Noog TV even includes behind-the-scenes footage of Butch Hartman developing content in his private studio. The Noog Network is a safe place for kids and tweens to explore. Download the app today to check out all of the kooky action!

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The Noog Network