Case Study: Android Surge

This year we put an emphasis on Android. First with the Picturizr Android version launched in March, which saw a 5x increase in user traffic over iOS. Second, we launched FaceSmash for Android in May and saw a 3x increase in user traffic. We attribute the surge in traffic due to Android now having a larger user penetration over iOS as well as the large young demographic that have Android smartphones over iOS devices.


Over the last 30 days our Picturizr app has been used a quarter million times. From that audience we have tracked 367 different Android Phone Models from 44 different hardware manufacturers worldwide. Among all of the different Android Models we have quite a spread as there aren’t any single dominating Android Phone Model currently in the market. Of the 44 different hardware manufactures Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Huawei are the top 5. Over time we have seen the amount of different Android Phone Models increase and we expect this trend to keep occurring as manufactures compete in the hardware market. The clear winner here is Google with every consumer electronics brand looking to build the next internet connected device running Google’s OS. Apple on the other hand with its currently limited device models and limited carrier partnerships has fallen short of competing with Google on the mobile device market share.


In terms of app usage over the last 30 days we had 30% users using iOS while 70% using Android devices. Among our users we are seeing Android users returning 56% more times then iOS users. The amount of feedback we have received after launching Picturizr Android and FaceSmash Android has been phenomenal. We’ve also seen a 25% increase in iOS download and app usage increase since our Android launch likely due to the viral nature of the 2 apps instigating friends and family to download the app onto their device. Thus making the case for brands to at the least launch across iOS and Android to maximize user acquisition.


Additional Analysis showed that Android users are less likely to purchase apps compared to iOS users. However, once downloaded Android and iOS users are equally likely to perform in-app purchases. We compared the same rate of download and in-app purchases over time across both operating systems. From this analysis we would recommend brands to launch apps for free to and to monetize via in-app purchases across both iOS and Android. This approach will maximize user acquisition and paid user conversion.


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