CBS 12 and iTunes Recognize ISBX’s Build-a-Card App!

We got an email from Craig Agranoff of CBS12 over the weekend expressing interest in our Build-A-Card: Cupid Edition App.  We were simultaneously being featured on iTunes as well (our 8th time one of our apps was featured on iTunes), so that was probably how we got on his radar.  We did a few emails back and forth, and apparently he was impressed enough to feature our application at the top of the CBS12 Valentine’s Day special segment on the 13th of February. 

Check it out here –

Based on CBS12’s News Anchor Suzanne Boyd’s ”oooh’s” and “ahhh’s”, they seemed to be pretty impressed.  This was the second year for this application, and before the Holiday season rolls around again we plan on including a number of features that will improve the Build-A-Card even further!

It’s not too late if you forgot someone if you have Build-a-Card: Cupid Edition on your iPhone, iPad or Android!

Check out all off ISBX’s Build-a-Card Applications here: for iPhone, iPad and Android devices!