HomeProjects on App Store Staff Favorites

Once again we were selected as one of Apple iTunes App Store Staff Favorites. This time the featured app is HomeProjects, a home improvement community app. The app was launched October 2010 and since then has attracted a small dedicated audience and growing. The app is moderated and maintained by our product marketing team.


The idea for the HomeProjects app along with 3 others – VarietyGarden, MotorSpace, and PetFrendz was to focus on mobile micro-communities. Each app features content from the community as well as content from our editorial staff curated for the community. Users can submit content right from the app by snapping pictures and writing posts that are instantly shared with everyone. Users can rate each other’s posts and provide comments and feedback.


The apps were an experiment to understand consumer behavior and analyze how these apps would be used in a real world situation. Although not for everyone, the apps have gained traction in their appropriate niche and has had praises from our active participants.


We would like to thank those users that have helped make these apps a worthwhile experience and also appreciate Apple’s recognition of these apps and the development of mobile micro-communities.


For any inquiry on our ISBX Mobile Community platform and the development of other niche micro-communities, please contact our Business Development Team biz@isbx.com.