iPads at JFK International Airport

OTG, a restaurant management group is one upping their competition by doing something very cool – providing access to mobile applications at selected dining locations throughout JFK International Airport in New York.  The restaurant group provides Apple iPad’s that are semi-permanently affixed to each table, pre-loaded with a suite of useful apps, including, their very own branded app.


iPad App Developer Los Angeles

The idea is brilliant – allow patrons access to the news, weather and entertainment, while providing another avenue of brand immersion.  The bezel on the housing is completed with etched logo, and even the background on the iPad has been themed accordingly.  The OTG branded app is the true center of the experience, although the execution, unfortunately, is sub-par.  Still, the concept has significant potential – and we’ve been getting a range of inquiries, from big box retailers looking for in-store tablet solutions, to fashion brands looking to serve up exclusive content for their celebrity clientele.

The future of mobile is here, and with nearly as many smartphones in use as Facebook users, it’s hard to ignore the platform as a viable means of interacting with your brand.  We’ll be here the day mobile phones turn computers on their head, and if there was an app that could do it, we’d build it.

Here’s one to mobile.