ISBX Develops Application for Restaurant Profit Optimization

ISBX is currently developing what will be a major innovation in restaurant management technology with our client and current partner, Michael J. Rasmussen CPA , named Eyenalyze.

Eyenalyze consumes information from a restaurant's POS systems and generates easy-to-read, meaningful reports that will help restauranteurs increase revenue and decrease expenses to truly optimize their business like never before.  

We are integrated tightly with most of the major restaurant vendors, so there is no need for time-consuming data entry as many other systems require.  

We do all the accounting work, and let the restauranteurs focus on what they do best: making sure their food and service are keeping their customers happy and returning again and again.

Eyenalyze is currently in Beta and will be released in early 2014. Please contact us at if you would like to know more or become an investor or beta tester of this exciting new system that any restaurant would benefit from