ISBX focus on Education

This past year, ISBX had opportunities to build and launch educational apps that will enhance the way we learn, think and do things on a global level. One such recently launched educational app is the SPARKvue HD iPad and Android Tablet App (“SPARKvue HD”) for PASCO scientific.

PASCO is the leading global expert in science education. For almost 50 years, PASCO has been designing, developing, and supporting innovation education technology solution for primary, secondary, and university level science. The objective of the ISBX PASCO project was to take PASCO’s SPARKvue Windows and Mac desktop application and create Android Tablet and iPad versions with the same set of features. The port of the application to Android Tablets and iPad devices allows PASCO to enter into an emerging tablet-focused education market. Schools all around the world are quickly adopting tablets as learning devices in classroom settings. The SPARKvue HD combined with any of PASCO’s 70+ PASPORT sensors allows seamless integration into the teaching and learning experience. The SPARKvue HD comes bundled with 61 free SPARKlab interactive learning activities that integrate rich content with live data collection and analysis perfect for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classes. Transcending the App from language barriers and making it truly global, it boasts support in 24 different languages, enabling PASCO to target all of its major global markets with current distribution.

PASCO partnered with ISBX to develop and build the application because of ISBX’s expertise in the mobile development field which would bring innovative solutions in the challenge of converting a Windows and Mac desktop application so that it functions correctly on an iOS and Android device. Both iOS and Android SDKs place restrictions on not only what you can do within your application but also against what external devices you can connect to. For example, integration with over 70 PASPORT sensors required significant engineering and platform specific development to make the sensors compatible on Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth.

Since launching the SPARKvue App for iOS and Android, PASCO has received overwhelming positive responses setting itself apart from its competitors as a leading effort at the forefront of creating innovative solutions, connecting the world of science education with modern technologies.

Currently, PASCO and ISBX are working together on the next version of the SPARKvue App wherein the application is being built from the ground up for Mac, Windows 7 and 8, iOS, Android, and the web. We are also making considerable progress in redesigning the user interface and enhancing the SPARKlabs to provide an all new set of interactive features, allowing content authors and publishers to create modern and engaging learning activities for students.

This is just the beginning of the partnership between ISBX and PASCO. We look forward to working together to enhance the way students learn in and out of the classroom. 

Download the app from iTunes App Store or Google Play