ISBX to launch incubator Sierra Labs in 2013

Here at ISBX, we’ve been growing our company over the last several years. As we expand, we are always looking to find the best and brightest talents to join the ISBX team. During this process, we meet a lot people of varying backgrounds, ranging from product marketers to app developers, and hear about many new innovative ideas. Some of these ideas are so completely awesome, we want to see it come to life and to be a part of the creation process. 

In that regard, I’m happy to announce the launching of Sierra Labs, a division of ISBX dedicated to mentoring young entrepreneurs and building amazing products. Our objective is to bring together the right product visionaries, developers, along with our Sierra Labs team to fully develop, execute, and launch these ideas. We have been meeting with independent visionaries, developers, and product teams that have great ideas, energy, and skills. Our Sierra Labs advisory team consists of venture capitalists and successful business owners that provide mentorship and guidance throughout the product development process. At ISBX, we’ve learned what it takes to build successful products and we steer our product teams through a rigorous process to get an amazing product out the door. 
Currently, Sierra Labs is focusing on product ideas that can start small and scale quickly. We are focusing on fast monetization opportunities that will bring immediate growth and progress. 
One such recent launch is Pretty Penny, a women focused browser extension for finding the best deals for online shoppers. Check out the recent press on TechCrunch here
If this sounds exciting to you, please send us your ideas to We are always looking for smart and talented people. Stay tuned for more news on Sierra Labs as we officially launch in 2013.