ISBX Partners with Science37 on Providing Remote Clinical Trials as a Service

ISBX is working closely with the folks at Science37 to develop an end-to-end research trial solution for large pharmaceutical sponsors, medical device makers, biotech companies, and universities. The system named NORA (Network-Oriented Research Assistant) is a platform that helps patients connect with top medical researchers and take part in clinical investigations. One of NORA’s many abilities is to connect medical researchers/administrators with patients worldwide. Medical researchers and administrators will login and manage their clinical trials remotely through a secure web portal. Patients will access NORA on their mobile phone to get notifications, reminders, and scheduled tasks as they participate in the clinical trial and record experiences real time whenever and wherever. Via the NORA app and web portal medical researchers and patients can communicate over voice, video, and electronic document exchange.

Traditionally, clinical trials are expensive and limited in scope as they are conducted in a regional or smaller setting to keep costs down. This, however, leads to less diverse patients. Science37 seeks to improve the traditional clinical trial approach by allowing patients to enroll remotely and through the use of mobile technology and electronic document management to safely conduct clinical trials worldwide regardless of location. The ultimate result is lower cost per trial, but also increased accuracy in data gathered per patient.

Science37 NORA iPhone App

When it comes to designing a patient centric mobile app, our team of designers at ISBX has to think about the User Experience (UX) of the audience. Patients can range from all ages. The app needs to be simple, yet provide the ability to ensure patients are staying on top of their trial scheduled events. The app also includes the ability to provide secure video chat with the medical researchers as well as allow onsite nurses to login and provide more detailed evaluation and site questionnaires. During the whole process, the NORA mobile app provides a guided experience for the patient through the entire clinical trial.

The NORA Web Portal allows medical researchers and administrators the ability to design a clinical trial from concept through implementation. The web portal provides tools to design forms, questionnaires, and scheduled events for a clinical trial. Patients are enrolled and qualified through the system and all documents, electronic or hardcopies are managed and tracked as well. Trial sponsors and appointed monitors can access the system to monitor the trial at anytime. The NORA platform allows for full accountability and oversight.


On a personal note, here at ISBX, we love working on ideas that impact the world and disrupts traditional business models. Working with Science37 has been amazing. We look forward to our continued development in evolving NORA into a smarter and refined system that will facilitate remote clinical trials leading to world changing outcomes.