ISBX unique and disruptive back office outsourcing services

ISBX has been offering back office services since we launched the company. It's a service we offer that doesn't get much of the limelight, but has been a critical part of our business since day one. In all of the websites and apps we have created there's always a need for ongoing maintenance, marketing, and moderation. Back office support is a natural extension of our service offering. More recently, the back office division of our company has taken on a life of its own and we started providing back office outsourcing services as a standalone product. We differentiate our back office services by pricing our services based on what we accomplish versus our competitors who charge on an hourly bases.

A brief history of our back office services

Nearly 11 years ago on July 31, 2003, IntelliMinds, Inc. (IM) opened for business, a world-class provider of outsourcing solutions for cost-conscious businesses. With its headquarters in Los Angeles and satellite office in Manila, IntelliMinds leveraged its global business network and visionary methodology in delivering intelligent-business driven and cost effective solutions. IntelliMinds earned a reputation of being a pioneer in the industry, and quickly became the preferred vendor and the online marketing execution arm for many reputable agencies in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Canada and Singapore.

IntelliMinds, launched many online marketing and promotional campaigns for both small mom and pop shops to large fortune 500 brands like: Nestle, UFC, American Idol, Carl's Jr, TV Guide and GlascoSmithKline (GSK) just to name a few.

Like the Internet, IntelliMinds has evolved and matured throughout the years. In 2009, IntelliMinds became a division of ISBX, and as a result it expanded its service offerings, which included among other things customer support, search engine optimization (SEO) and digital asset management and retouching. These services were a natural extension of our website and app development division.

Back office as a standalone service offering

Since 2009 our back office support services has evolved and we've taken on new and interesting projects unrelated to website and app development services. The following is a case study of a recent project that demonstrates the caliber and high quality work our back office team provides.

July 2013, we signed on a new client to transcribe over 280 million lines of historical records. The historical records dated back to the 1700 and 1800's in which most of the data were handwritten in Old English cursive format. The style of the handwriting made the data unsuitable for optical character recognition (OCR). The road has been paved with many obstacles and challenges, but our highly skilled team of managers, quality control staff, and encoders were able to pull through and complete the project in a 10-month timeline.

One of our key differentiators is our software development background and expertise. Prior to the start of the project we built a custom data entry system that was designed to increase speed and efficiency specifically for this project. We built tools that would increase our data entry personnel productivity and accuracy by a factor of ten (10). The system was able to sustain a staff of 500 concurrent encoders at any given time and scale up on as needed bases.

Staffing the project involved recruitment and training of over 500+ agents and strategizing and meticulously developing a standard operating procedure (SOP) and multi-level quality assurance (QA) process. From the start of the project we were able to maintain an average of 98% accuracy level on the data being encoded. The client's QA staff closely monitored the accuracy levels on a weekly basis.

The client picked our team for the transcription project because of our unique pricing model, in which we charged on a fixed project bases and committed to the 10-month timeframe. Other competing transcription agencies were pricing at an hourly bases and could not commit to the aggressive timeframe. These variable costs were not acceptable for the client given the massive undertaking. By providing a performance based pricing model we absorbed much of the risk on the project, which was a major factor in the client's decision to pick us for the job.

Disrupting the business process outsourcing (BPO) model

With our many successes in the past and our more recent projects, we look forward to what the future has in store. Our unique approach towards back office services is allowing us to disrupt the traditional pricing model for business process outsourcing. We break the old and tired mold of paying by the number of people on an hourly basis. Our key differentiator is that we are forward thinkers by offering the unique proposition of "pay-for-performance" pricing model. Similar to nearly 11 years ago when we were pioneering an industry, today we celebrate the evolution of an industry.

Check out more details about our back office services to learn more, and contact us at or call 310-437-8010. We'd love to hear about your back office needs and share with you how we can help.