ISBX works with Typo Keyboards on Next Generation Typing Product

Typo Keyboards, designer and manufacturer of the Typo and Typo 2 keyboard has engaged ISBX to be it's software engineering team to help in the innovation of Typo's next generation typing products. Typo Keyboards, founded by real estate mogul Laurence Hallier and radio personality Ryan Seacrest, made the news recently when Blackberry successfully won a court-ordered injunction to prevent the company from marketing and selling it's infamous Typo keyboard for the iPhone. The company is now back with it's Typo 2 keyboard, currently undergoing Beta testing for iPhone 6 and available for pre-order from the Typo website. The Typo 2 for iPhone 5/5s is available at retailers worldwide or direct purchase through their site.

Typo Keyboards iPhone 6 Technical Specifications

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