We just launched our new redesigned ISBX website 2014

Website Update

It's been a long time coming. We recently launched our new ISBX Website featuring a responsive web design that displays nicely on any device from desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. We also added more in-depth case studies to give potential customers more insight into our processes and what we've accomplished for clients in all different industries and business sectors. And most of all, my favorite, on our homepage we added a fun interactive gallery of websites and apps we designed and built.

Some Background

When we set out to redesign the isbx.com website we wanted the homepage to capture and convey the breadth of work that we had accomplished over the years. Previously, there were billboards on the homepage that panned through several examples of our work, but it was very limiting and didn't do us justice in communicating everything we wanted. Our Creative Director, Steve Sigler, and I started brainstorming and prototyping several concepts to create an abstract universe of client work that user's can interact with. After several weeks of iteration and prototyping we came up with what you see today on our homepage. At a glance you can see many of the clients and brands we have worked with. You can interact with the floating bubbles to zoom in and preview the websites and apps we have built.

The next big challenge for us was optimizing the app gallery for tablets and mobile devices. We spent a good amount of time making sure the app gallery performed well on Android and iOS devices. We really had to push our HTML5 chops and we're proud of what we created and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Our Case Studies

One of the things we felt lacking in our previous website was the depth of our case studies. We had showcased most if not all the client work we've done, but didn't spend the time to really talk about each one of the websites and apps. Instead, this time around we decided to showcase a subset of the websites and apps we built and dive into each one of them providing more comprehensive detail overview of each project. Eric Wise and Steve Sigler spent a good deal of time getting some initial content together, but Arthur Iinuma, our COO, spent a considerable amount of time detailing out each case study. We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences and capabilities in the context of past work. We've been doing this for a quite sometime and have a lot to share. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.

What's Coming Next?

As we move forward our plan is to continually enhance and add more content and interactive features to the website. We strive to be forward thinkers and want to showcase forward thinking in our own marketing materials. Often times we get so focused on our client work we don't spend the appropriate time polishing our own brand and marketing ourselves. We hope you enjoy the new website and stay tuned for more updates!

We encourage you to drop us a line and let us know what you think of our new website info@isbx.com