Picturizer Platform Case Study

ISBX developed iPhone Photo editing platform initially for the iOS as a free application to see how the public would respond. Once our clients saw what we could do we have been asked to use this underlying technology for a number of projects for the likes of Warner Bros., CW Network, Turner, ABC Network and NBC. With this success, we then used the underlying technology to produce multiple Holiday eCard applications with thousands of apps sold in days of the launch! Our user apparently like what we have developed, as this is not a use once and forget about it application, our reporting shows that thousands of users are on the application every day. We are not stopping there, as we will soon be releasing in-application purchases of new assets for our users as well through our custom CMS we developed for our Picturizer Platform. ISBX’s underlying Picturizer platform technology is currently powering roughly 500,000 applications across iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry operating systems that ISBX has created. About Picturizer Picturizr is a photo editing tool that allows you to create fun and wacky renditions of your friend or foes by using our custom overlays! Picturizr works like a simple photoshop tool to allow users to add, scale and rotate custom eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows, hair, mouths, glasses, hats, beards, and frames to photos.