Teachers Are Talking About FaceTalker!

Teachers Are Talking About FaceTalker!

Our free app, FaceTalker, has gotten some recent attention in school systems across the country. Educators reached out to us to express gratitude for this easy, fun tool they incorporated into their classrooms! FaceTalker is an app that you can use to make any image talk! Add a moving mouth or a person’s face to an existing picture! Want to make Abraham Lincoln deliver your lesson plans for the day? Now you can! Have your students use the app to present their history report! Teaching younger kids? Use the app to make animals talk! It’s simple as ABC!

Julie Smith, The Techie Teacher, loved it so much; she shared an instructional blog post about FaceTalker with her followers. She said the following about our app:

“FaceTalker is my new FAVORITE app. I use it with grades K-5 and absolutely love how easy and intuitive it is for students to create quality projects. FaceTalker sets itself apart from other similar apps because it doesn't seem to have a recording time limit… YAY! Everything about that app is awesome!”

Respectively, we also received accolades from educators Justin Cowen, Karen Ogen, and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning whose blogs all listed examples of how the app works as well as ways to incorporate it into a Teacher’s Toolbox!

Check out this video tutorial by Justin Cowen:

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