Update: FaceSmash on the App Store and Android Market

Leveraging our successful Picturizr photo manipulation platform we created a fun social game allowing friends to challenge each other through a face smashing mobile app.  The app allows you to take a photo and using the touch screen combined with the shake gesture of the iPhone to launch punches causing various image distortion effects. Face smashing effects depend on how fast you swipe your fingers across the screen and how hard you shake the phone.


We spent some time thinking through how to best integrate with Facebook. The app allows you to look up all your Facebook photos and also browse your friend list so you can use their profile pictures and even photos they are tagged in. We wanted to really maximize the social integration of the app.


Once you've smashed your friend’s Facebook profile photo you can easily repost the photo back on Facebook challenging them to a FaceSmash Battle. We wanted to create a game like atmosphere with the FaceSmash Battle by giving you 15 seconds to smash and score points that you use to challenge your friend to see who can score the highest score FaceSmashing. Ultimately, the goal is to strike at the heart of Facebook and get friends to start smashing each other silly spreading virally across online community.


Download FaceSmash for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch here.

Download FaceSmash for Android here.