Is Apple's "Screen Time" late to the game? Ask WebSafety...

WWDC 2018: Apple announces new features to help users manage screen time usage on their iOS devices.

Apple is late to this game (intentionally?), as ISBX has been working alongside our Partner/Client WebSafety for the past 5 years to develop and maintain a solution for parents to not only manage screen time, but also social media posts, web browsing, installed apps, location tracking, and more!

Apple has not made this an easy task. They seem to throw a curveball at us making our job a little more difficult with each OS update. However, we have a dedicated team working tirelessly to keep this important offer available to concerned parents.


With kids getting phones as early as 9 years old, as a parent, wouldn't it make good sense to know how your child is interacting with the digital world? Would you buy them a car without teaching them how to drive first?

Here is a great video produced by the team at WebSafety.