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Founded in 2009 in Santa Monica, ISBX is one of Silicon Beach's first mobile App development agencies. Just a couple of years after the original iPhone was introduced, ISBX was developing apps for some of the earliest innovators in the mobile space, such as Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures.

ISBX prides itself in building some of the first iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps (R.I.P. Blackberry). We do it so well, Clutch.co ranked ISBX as the #1 App developer in Los Angeles. Bragging aside, we'd like to think we're the experts in this space and can turn your App idea into reality.

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The History in Our Work


Upon the launch of the first iPad in 2010, ISBX was invited by Apple to create some of the first iPad apps, several of which were showcased on the iTunes homepage under "New and Noteworthy."

During this year we started experimenting with different UI designs to take advantage of what was then considered, "massive screen real estate." That year TBS/TNT based in Atlanta, GA, engaged ISBX in building apps for several of its cable properties. Needless to say, a lot of long flights were involved.


In 2011, the market started picking up for App development, with L'Oreal and Nike coming on board to build apps that were starting to push the envelope in functionality. Nike wanted to introduce Augmented Reality and Image Recognition, technologies which were still in their infancy stages, while L'Oreal wanted a privately distributed e-commerce Android App for on-the-go celebrities. We also saw that App development could benefit non-profits and embarked on projects with the Arthritis Foundation and the Starlight Children's Foundation.


In 2012, Ribbon Labs and Declara joined as ISBX clients, and would mark the first year in which ISBX participated as equity investment partners in an App it developed. That year would also mark a significant milestone in ISBX's history, where startup apps were now being funded by institutional investors and taking on significant scale.

Android market share continued to increase at a dramatic pace, closing the lead with iOS, and our clients began looking at options for coverage on both platforms.


In 2013, the wave of clients continued to pour in, with just a handful of App developers in town, and a surge in demand, ISBX moved to a larger office and expanded it's team.

We hired our first dedicated office assistant and re-designed our website. Through our client work, we explored more deeper concepts around Bluetooth connectivity, firmware development, and hardware testing. Edelbrock joined as ISBX's client, developing a standalone automotive ECU controller that interfaced with a Bluetooth tablet running on software that ISBX developed from the ground up. Lexus also seeked ISBX's talent in developing a tablet App that would bridge the gap between owners and their vehicles.

Older and Wiser

Today, after 7 years in the business, ISBX has developed over 100 mobile apps for diversified range of forward thinking clients, from some of the biggest brands on the planet, to some of the most ambitious startups in town.

We think we know a thing or two about what it takes to build an awesome app. But don't take our word for it, check out some of the feedback our clients have left us.

Whether you've got a small project or a big one, we're here to make it a reality.

Older and Wiser

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