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ISBX is a leader in Search Engine Optimization in Los Angeles, CA. Through the acquisition of Intelliminds SEO, we've provided Los Angeles based SEO and Online Marketing solutions for major brands including UFC, Carls Jr. Napster, Cartoon Network, DeVry and GlaxoSmithKline since 2003. By the very nature of SEO, our efforts speak for themselves - we've brought countless companies from virtual non-existence to page 1 ranking.

We offer a comprehensive array of SEO services and have used proven techniques with repeated success.

Completely natural

Preserving Your Brand Integrity

In addition, our efforts appear completely natural to search engines - we invest considerable time and research in providing this as part of our service, after all, we deal with top brands that cannot afford to have their online reputation fall at the hands of a poorly organized SEO campaign.

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Our Premium Services

Tailored for Search Engine Algorithms

We are constantly in tune with the behaviors of the major search engine algorithms. Here are just some of the premium SEO services we offer:

Comprehensive On-Page Optimization Strategy

Did You Know that Google does not rank based on your keyword metas? On Page Optimization is one of the most important factors in bringing prominence to your site in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's) yet it is often overlooked or improperly executed. ISBX understands how to analyze your site architecture as well as your content to maximize reception by Search Engine Algorithms.

Competitive Keyword Analysis and Research

Keywords are what connects search engine users to your site. We explore which keywords are more likely to be used to reach your site and analyze competition to see where our efforts are maximized.

Contextual Link Development

We can anchor the most diverse collection of keywords using specific strategies to offer maximum search engine exposure in the most natural way.

Content Syndication

Our team of expert authors can build off-page content for your site to generate stronger buzz and add to the diversity of ways your site is exposed to the search engines.

Inbound Link Building

Google's heavy weighting towards peer validation means that increasing the amount of entry points to your site through external links has a strong impact in SERP's ranking. We use our industry knowledge to build these links to your site, dramatically increasing your sites ranking.

Press Releases

Well timed releases combined with important topics can generate significant online activity around your brand, greatly improving the results of SEO efforts. We use professional PR Agencies to assist in publishing, approving and distributing these releases to authority sites like Yahoo, AOL, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, About.com, The Wall Street Journal, and various other regional news outlets.

Social Media Integration (Blogs, Forums, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks)

Promotion of efforts managed through our Contextual Link Development, Content Syndication and Inbound Link Building campaigns through Social Media outlets is one of the strongest ways to increase the weight of inbound links. The ISBX team has invested significant time and resources into building a thoroughly integrated social media platform.

Banner and Text Link Advertising

Promotion of your site through selected keywords in a targeted advertising campaign can build significant page and/or domain authority on your site, driving your PR score and increasing search engine exposure. We have professional level relationships with industry partners to maximize the usage of your advertising dollars for search engine optimization. These efforts are completely separate from any existing PPC campaign and will have significant positive impact in organic SEO rankings.

Directory Research and Submission

We work with a comprehensive list of high Page Rank directory listing services to increase your sites visibility.

Profile Link Building

One of ISBX's unique Link Building techniques to provide diversity in inbound links.

Link Baiting

We use our creative talent to build interesting content that drives real human traffic to your site while enhancing our social media efforts. We only use techniques that have the approval nod from Google.

Google Analytics Setup

The most powerful way to measure your sites traffic performance. ISBX can help setup your account and insert the necessary javascript codes for proper tracking.

Customized Packaging

Maximize Efforts Based on Your Budget and Needs

New to SEO? Not a problem, after a short conversation, we can recommend several easy to digest packages based on your budget. Contact us to learn more.

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