The Challenge

Globally recognized footwear brand Air Jordan was looking for an immersive, cutting edge mobile experience for its annual Flight Summit event held in conjunction with the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Golf Tour.

The brand wanted to create an experience centered around Apple's then newly released iPad 2 tablet as a giveaway gift to each VIP guest.

Nike Air Jordan Tablet
Jordan Recognition Background

The Solution

ISBX held a brainstorming discussion with key Air Jordan executives at their offices in Beaverton, OR. In preparation for this session, ISBX developed an Augmented Reality (AR) demo that utilized a limited release AJ sneaker as a trigger for exclusive content. After reviewing the space plans for the venue and event it was decided that a different approach needed to be employed, resulting in ISBX's proposal to utilize its experience in Image Recognition to build an immersive and interactive element to work in conjunction with the Future Flight Tour.

ISBX's proposal was ambitious. With just two (2) calendar months of design, development, testing and deployment time, ISBX proposed for the use of various image "triggers" around the Future Flight Room, a 400 square foot exhibit, custom fabricated by the Air Jordan team, to house various brand apparel, imagery, new releases as well as the infamous Air Jordan shoe wall.

Using Image Recognition technology built into our proposed App, these triggers would unlock exclusive content from within the application and serve as a companion piece during the tour.

The brand selected Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV as the venue for the event and asked that ISBX provide presentation and support staff to accompany selected VIP and Celebrity guests during the event.

Just a week prior to the event, as ISBX was wrapping up development, the client had Apple ship 50 brand new tablet devices to ISBX's offices to deploy the limited release application. ISBX then shipped these devices to the venue in Las Vegas and assembled a support team to fly out and lead the VIP experience.

Nike Air Joran Tablets

The Result

The result was a rewarding experience for both the ISBX team as well as our partners at Air Jordan. Our team led various VIP and celebrity guests through a guided tour of the Future Flight Room prompting the guests at certain key exhibits to utilize the application to unlock exclusive content. Air Jordan's Brand Manager then gave a speech about the new lineup. This was repeated several times throughout the exhibit, culminating in a final experience, complete with lighting, audio and the pinnacle of the tour, a new shoe in the AJ lineup.

ISBX led the project from the ground up, utilizing our creative design, technology and account management teams to design, build and support the entire project from beginning to end. ISBX was able to deliver the project on time and on budget, with minimal issues.