Marketing your app requires a combination of amplification, virality, and disruption to capture your audience maximize your reach

How we come up with the marketing strategy

Every marketing campaign should be treated uniquely. There is no one size fits all for marketing. We start by evaluating your target audience and grouping them into market groups that we can rank in terms of priority. The prioritization of these market groups allows us to identify the mass market for your product down to the niche market where your product can thrive.

Budgeting the marketing plan is very important. No one wants to overspend or quit before you successfully reach your marketing goals because you run out of budget. We work with you to come up with an Action Plan that is reachable within a set budget. We also like to approach the marketing campaign in a phased approach allowing our clients to evaluate the progress of the marketing plan. This also allows us to AB Test and tweak the marketing strategy as it progresses.

Amplifying your message

The first phase of the marketing campaign is to identify ways we can amplify your marketing message. Through the use of search engine optimization (SEO) we can setup your website and application so that your audience has a way of finding you. Check out how we utilize Google's Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to monitor the marketing campaign and audience funnel. Additionally, we like to take a cross-platform marketing approach by utilizing social media to create Fan Pages and Facebook Apps that help facilitate audience reach. We also help syndicate your Twitter posts and have ways to increase Twitter followers and the ability to have a massive audience retweet your marketing message. A big part of setting up your product for amplification requires getting all the tools in place to get the maximum exposure.

Spreading the word

Once all of the amplification tools are in place we begin the outreach process. In this part of the marketing campaign we focus on virality of your product and marketing message through social engagement. The use of Social Media Marketing tactics is key and we have many strategies and experiences that can help increase the viral-ness of your product to reach as many users as possible. Once our outreach process begins we rely on the tools we set in place to amplify the message and drive users to your website and App.

We combine both grassroots marketing with traditional marketing through traditional Public Relations (PR) channels and newswires that spread awareness of your product launch via press releases. Combined with this effort we can tap into our network of bloggers, Twitter followers, and experts to spread the word.

Capturing your audience

The final step and most important part of the marketing campaign is to "drive conversion". Driving conversion refers to the process of getting the user from viewing your product to actually using it. This could be getting the user to signup on your website, download your App, or to make a purchase. We have many strategies of getting users to perform these actions including the use of promotional videos and commercials, event promotions, and launch parties. There are many more ways to capture your audience and get them to use your product and we'd love to talk to you about them.

Throughout the marketing campaign you can evaluate the success of the marketing strategy through analytics and reports we set up for you. You'll be able to see the marketing reach by looking at marketing impressions and looking at the number of users that click through and use your product. Using these statistics we can refine and build upon the marketing efforts.