We are here to help ease and streamline the process of launching your mobile and web apps

Distributing your apps across multiple platforms

We've launched over 200 apps and websites for clients all over the world - United States, Canada, Latin America, South East Asia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, to name a few. We understand the rules in these localities as well as terms and conditions for the various App marketplaces such as Apple's iTunes App Store, Google Play for Android, Amazon's AppStore, Chrome Web Store, and many other local App distribution channels.

Some of the stringent App marketplaces such as Apple's iTunes App Store require knowledge of the "dos" and "don'ts" related to the use of Apple's iOS SDK and how to maneuver the App Review process. Your App maybe stuck in the App Review process if you don't adhere to Apple's App submission policies and human interface guidelines. We can help you get through the App Review process fast and painless.

Enterprise App distribution

Many of our clients create apps and websites for improving their current workforce and enhancing their current business offering. If you are looking for a private distribution or limited distribution of your App we can help with that as well. With an internal or semi-external device role out requires a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that can provide App distribution support and licensing policies to automate App installs and control who has access to your App or website.

Scaling your App in the cloud

Gone are the old days of needing to deploy your own servers and dealing with hosting providers and co-located facilities. We can help you scale up your backend infrastructure and deploy your application in the cloud. We have extensive experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google App Engine to launch your website, web services, or cloud based application. There are several ways to get your App and website to scale.

The first approach is in the initial design phase of the App to architect your website and web services for scalability. We work closely with you to determine business requirements and based on those specifications we can design a cloud solution where we can scale up or down depending on your business needs to manage hosting and maintenance costs. In today's cloud hosting models we can, with a press of a button, scale up network bandwidth, server storage, and data processing for your application.

The second approach, if you already have an existing website or cloud hosted application, and are looking to scale up your infrastructure, there are several options. We will first evaluate your system and recommend ways to vertically scale up system resources like bandwidth, memory usage, and CPU processing. We have experience with clustering to allow for maximum uptime as well as implementing complex load balancing. If you have an existing system and are looking for a scalability solution, we would be glad to talk to you about how we can help.