Venture Backed

Thinking about building an App? ISBX has helped to create more market capitalization than any mobile App developer in Los Angeles.

  • Declara


    $38M Raised

  • Science37

    Series D

    $105M Raised

  • Soothe

    Series C

    $78M Raised

  • Wag!

    Series D

    $360M Raised

  • Muzik

    Series B

    $80M Raised

  • DirectDerm

    Series B

    $5M Raised

  • Ojo

    Series A

    $8M Raised

  • Ribbon

    Series B

    $5M Raised

  • Washe

    Series A

    $10M Raised

Domain Expertise

We bring thought leading and disruptive ideas from concept to market execution.

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

Designing for the world's most innovating startups  requires a stellar team and a proven process. View our case study on Science 37 to learn more.

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Get access to our network of advisors, entrepreneurs, service providers and investors.

  • Noah Craft

    "Sitting down with the ISBX team from day one was the single most important decision I've ever made." - Noah Craft, CEO and Founder, Science37

  • Bryan Chang

    "Relevant. Insightful. Unquestionable Execution." - Bryan Chang, Principal, Collaborative Fund

  • Ross BurningHam

    "Changing the face of App development as we know it." - Ross Burningham, Partner, Gunderson Dettmer

Founder Friendly

Discounted development. Flexible pricing structure.

Collaborative environment.U.S based team.

  • Startup Developer Rate

    Startup Developer Rate

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  • Discounted Development

    Discounted Development
    + Equity

Seed StageLate Stage Venture Backed

Hyperfocused Talent

We staff some of the best and brightest in L.A. With over 30 design and engineering professionals, we have what it takes to build just about anything.

  • UX Design.

  • Bluetooth Integration.

  • Firmware Development.

  • On-Demand and Social Networking.

  • Load and Scalability Testing.

  • Video Streaming.

  • Mobile App Development.

  • Payments Processing.

  • Scalable Server Infrastructure.

  • Quality Assurance.

  • Enterprise Architecture.

  • Data Analytics.

  • E-Commerce.

  • Third Party Systems Integration.

  • ISBX Open Source Frameworks.

  • HIPAA Compliant.


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  • What does ISBX do?

    • We are an established App development agency in Los Angeles that designs and builds highly-extensible and scalable mobile App products, with a particular expertise in working for start-ups
    • We work with early stage founders who want to focus on product and fast track development and are able to connect them with our network of mentors, advisors, legal professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs
    • Inc 500 ranked us one of the fastest growing companies in the nation for four consecutive years
  • Why is ISBX better than building an in-house team?

    • We remove the time, cost commitment, and inefficiency of building an in-house tech team
    • We drive focus on the product by helping founders to avoid costly mistakes while encouraging product iteration on work that produces the best return on investment
    • We are familiar with the unique needs of a startup including iterating on the product through development, working in a highly collaborative environment, and being accountable to founders and their investors
    • We are deeply involved with our clients - we attend board and investor meetings, and walk our clients through the capital raise, or provide updates to investors of venture funded companies
  • Can ISBX help us if we already have our own team?

    • We have core expertise in 10 different technical areas and are able to assist all companies
    • For companies that are funded and/or have an existing tech team, we help to augment and supplement your core tech capabilities with a diverse array of tech professionals and developers
    • For developed teams and funded companies we can help provide more mature services such as scalability, performance and load testing or optimization of APIs, processes, and servers
  • Is ISBX able to help us find investors?

    • Yes, we have taken multiple pre-funded concept stage start-ups through angel and venture-backed financing rounds
    • Our expertise in technology execution helps to de-risk your company and obtain higher valuations with a well-executed minimal viable product (MVP)
  • How much does ISBX charge?

    • We provide highly competitive rates that is comparable to recruiters and contractors, and significantly lower than the standard agency rate, our rates are as low as $95 per hour when combined with equity
    • Staffing full time developers on a budget can be tricky as you may only have enough for 1-2 full time hires, but require the expertise of 6 or more technology and software engineering professionals, which are difficult or impossible to hire part time
    • Total costs depends on usage of our vast team of designers and software engineering professionals
  • Who handles marketing for our product?

    • We can recommend a third-party agency to help with this
    • Once the App is complete, we strongly suggest executing on a solid marketing strategy over the course of 6-12 months
  • How do we get started?

    • Startups will need some capital to start with us, between $50,000 - $250,000, depending on the complexity of the application, which will go into the wireframing, design, development, testing, and deployment of the App
    • You do not need any designers or technical staff because ISBX runs the entire tech team for you