The Challenge

Science37 wanted to make clinical trials easier and more accessible by eliminating the barriers of traditional sites that include inaccessibility due to geography and the inconvenience posed by site visits.

Science 37 Presentation Screen

The Solution

ISBX helped Science37 develop NORA, Network Oriented Research Assistant, to give medical researchers the ability to conduct remote clinical trials.

Patients are provided an iPhone with which they use the NORA App to monitor their progress throughout the clinical trial. The NORA App provides notifications, alerts, and the ability to perform direct video conferencing with nurses, doctors, and researchers. Patients stay connected to their own local community healthcare network throughout the study while keeping engaged with the study staff.

Medical researchers can monitor the clinical trial through a web dashboard and analyze data collected. Highly skilled mobile nurses trained in safely delivering services in the home provide additional ways to improve the patient’s study experience.

The Result

ISBX helped Science37 from inception to raise over 45M and now the NORA platform is being used by major biotech companies such as Genentech, Celgene, and Respironics.