The Challenge

Brain Corp, a leading provider of operating systems for autonomous cleaning robots, needed to rapidly scale its development efforts in order to accelerate the production and delivery of time-critical software for its clients.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, as big box retailers worked towards implementing social distancing measures for its staff while reducing the burden of work for an exhausted workforce, the need for autonomous robotic floor scrubbers had never been more critical.

The company sought to identify a software engineering team with the experience needed to ramp up quickly in the face of compressed timelines. Beyond this, Brain Corp needed specific expertise in the development of complex reporting and fleet management software that is used by its clientele, which include some of the largest retailers in the nation.

The Solution

Brain Corp identified ISBX as its first-choice solution to implement a staff augmentation strategy towards the development of its fleet management dashboard.

ISBX quickly identified the critical software engineering resources needed to expedite the process of gaining context and began immediately pulling down tasks from the backlog of feature requests.

The below efforts involved integration of ISBX’s team with Brain Corp’s project management process, resulting in a highly collaborative and iterative environment for both teams.

ISBX’s work involved assigning a suite of engineers to develop and perform the following:

Design and development of a custom reporting backend (APIs, architecture) to service the Portal frontend

Implementation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment processes

Investigation and replacement of the current relational database

Developer operations

Development of frontend Portal modules

The Result

ISBX enabled delivery of Brain Corp’s first client administration dashboard in record time. This new dashboard provided powerful reporting tools, while enabling a new level transparency to its clients.

ISBX continues to scale, enhance, and maintain various mission critical software for Brain Corp.

The new dashboard for Brain Corp resulted in the following:

  • Delivery of valuable robotics data to clients
  • Display of an intuitive interface that simplifies information delivery
  • Elimination of the time-consuming process of manually transcribing data
  • Improvement of customer benefit and experience