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Lexus own­ers expect the best when buy­ing a pre­mi­um vehi­cle, and Lexus want­ed to pro­vide the best expe­ri­ence pos­si­ble to their buyers.

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Replace the traditional paper manual

ISBX was tasked with build­ing a native iPad appli­ca­tion designed for own­ers of Lexus vehi­cles, and it need­ed to be robust!
My Lexus and Beyond
The Lexus Expe­ri­ence Begins with Per­son­al Service


Dur­ing the ini­tial pro­mo­tion, Lexus own­ers were giv­en an Ipad with an appli­ca­tion devel­oped by ISBX that fea­tured exten­sive inte­gra­tion with Lexus’ exist­ing back­end lever­ag­ing numer­ous data points about the vehi­cle, the own­er pref­er­ences, and the users cur­rent GPS coordinates.
The appli­ca­tion allows own­ers to find their near­est ser­vice cen­ter or deal­er­ship and when it was nec­es­sary, points of inter­est at their cur­rent loca­tion, watch how-to and oth­er instruc­tion­al videos about their spe­cif­ic car, view the owner’s man­u­al, and also see the ser­vice his­to­ry of their vehi­cle and receive push noti­fi­ca­tions for import updates and appointments.

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