Luxury headphones with streaming music

Muzik, found­ed by Jason Har­di, is a tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­ny pio­neer­ing a new space called Social SmartwareTM.

Services Provided

User Experience

UI Design

App Development






Simplify device setup and provide limitless music options

Muzik’s mis­sion is to cre­ate the world’s smartest head­phone, designed for Smart­phones, which com­bines state of the art tech­nol­o­gy, with a robust soft­ware plat­form, which con­nects peo­ple through social media. ISBX was charged with devel­op­ing the soft­ware plat­form and con­nect­ing the users through social media


Some of the fea­tured devel­op­ment pro­vid­ed by ISBX for this project:
  • Mobile UI Design and Development
  • Back­end sys­tem development
  • Firmware Devel­op­ment
  • Playlist import­ing
  • Con­tent Sharing
  • Sync­ing Social Accounts for Playlists
  • Dual plat­form sup­port for iOS and Android
Muzik has raised $60 mil­lion to date!

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