The Challenge

With the ever-increasing popularity of ridesharing apps, OjO Electric saw a promising opportunity to get into the market. They had a quality scooter and a commitment to great customer service, but how would they differentiate themselves from all of the countless competitors? OjO decided they were going to be fundamentally different from others by working with cities to integrate into existing transportation/mobility systems.

With this in mind, they tasked ISBX with building a simple but robust app capable of handling the influx of users in busy metropolitan cities where alternatives to driving are in demand.

The Solution

Tied to a strict timeline of new scooter hardware and a beta-launch at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, ISBX has to focus on the essentials without sacrificing the consideration of the design of a great user experience. This app was potentially going to be in the hands of hundreds of people with a diverse range of technical know-how and it would also have to adhere to the Austin transportation system.

The app lets users easily scan scooters within their vicinity or find scooters that aren’t apparently visible and start riding. On the backend, OjO is able to track: user rides, scooter conditions, partners, and transactions. In addition, the backend was built with the functionality of providing city partners with their own login portal.

Ridesharing with Ease

Made for the typical user on the go, the app was designed to get the user riding as quickly as possible. After creating an account, users are able to view all available scooters within their vicinity with battery life estimated for riding. Then, they can scan the QR code fixed on the scooter or manually input the code and start riding. Lastly, when they finish they get an overview of the duration and details of their ride.

Step 1

Locate a nearbyscooter on the map

Step 2

Scan QR codeand ride

Step 3

View yourtrip details

The Result

OjO Electric was able to get their app out in front of hundreds of users at SXSW and the turnout couldn’t have been better. (have Max/Roman provide metrics of daily usage and total rides for event). The user feedback was unanimously in favor of OjO as the most comfortable ride at the most reasonable price. And the city of Austin along with partners all agree that OjO provides a service like no other in being part of the city’s transportation/mobility solution.

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