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  • ISBX's SPARKvue App has been selected as a finalist for Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona Feb 24th, 2014

    On February 24th, held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Mobile Premier Awards will showcase 21 of the most innovative apps of the global Appcircus competitions that took place around the world in 2013.

    After winning the App Circus event held during the Los Angeles App Developer Conference, ISBX has been selected as a MPA finalist, and will be presenting SPARKvue on stage during the event for the jury. Wish us Luck!

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  • ISBX Develops Application for Restaurant Profit Optimization

    ISBX is currently developing what will be a major innovation in restaurant management technology with our client and current partner, Michael J. Rasmussen CPA , named Eyenalyze.

    Eyenalyze consumes information from a restaurant's POS systems and generates easy-to-read, meaningful reports that will help restauranteurs increase revenue and decrease expenses to truly optimize their business like never before.  

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  • GM Goes Deep With Apps - Call's Them a "Sandbox With Wheels"
    GM MyLink - ISBX Mobile Application Developer Blog

    ISBX sits down with Stefan Cross, Communications Manager at General Motors, to learn more about its plans on opening up an app ecosystem for its in-vehicle infotainment systems.  GM appears to be ahead of the curve with several confirmed app partners, a full SDK, and a suite of API’s available to third party developers.  GM plans on distributing approved catalog apps within its “App Shop” and currently offers support to the developer community in the form of emulators and open communication.  Cross mentions that over 1500 downloads of its SDK have been made

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  • Mobile App Download and Revenue Growth Trends
    Mobile App Growth Trends Infographic


    Mobile apps are huge.  If you’re not sold on just how relevant this industry is, take a look at the stats on our infographic and read on.

    In early 2008 the total worldwide revenue generated by mobile applications was exactly $0.  By 2011, just three-and-half years later, that number had risen to a staggering $5 billion.  To give you some perspective on how much that is, in that same year, Facebook, the most trafficked site on the planet, generated ‘just’ $3.78 billion in revenue.

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  • ISBX Acquires Couponbar to Expand Mobile and Web Monetization Solutions

    We are excited to announce that our acquisition of Couponbar officially closed on January 15, 2013. Couponbar will operate as a separate team under our product division, Sierra Labs, Inc. and the service will be renamed ISBX Coupons in the coming weeks to reflect the business' growing market leadership in the B2B segment.

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  • ISBX to launch incubator Sierra Labs in 2013
    ISBX Offices

    Here at ISBX, we’ve been growing our company over the last several years. As we expand, we are always looking to find the best and brightest talents to join the ISBX team. During this process, we meet a lot people of varying backgrounds, ranging from product marketers to app developers, and hear about many new innovative ideas. Some of these ideas are so completely awesome, we want to see it come to life and to be a part of the creation process. 

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  • Sencha just slapped Facebook and it hurts
    HTML5 Sencha Facebook Article

    I came across this article today and just had to post it up for everyone. Sencha is a company that makes development tools and JavaScript libraries for developers to build HTML5 apps for web and mobile. Although we don’t use Sencha tools in-house, we do share Sencha’s sentiment about Facebook’s app development expertise. Check out this post:

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  • ISBX focus on Education
    SPARKvue HD Sensors

    This past year, ISBX had opportunities to build and launch educational apps that will enhance the way we learn, think and do things on a global level. One such recently launched educational app is the SPARKvue HD iPad and Android Tablet App (“SPARKvue HD”) for PASCO scientific.

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  • Image Recognition on the Horizon
    Image Recognition on the Horizon

    I was recently excited to read through the Time magazine “Wireless” issue.  Some of us still enjoy print magazines from time to time.

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  • ISBX Launches Interactive HTML 5 App for TBS
    ISBX launches HTML 5 app for TBS

    For the new television show Sullivan & Son (Thursdays at 10/9C), ISBX created an HTML 5 app for TBS (Click here to check out the App). In the past these types of games and apps would have been built in Adobe Flash, but as mobile and web converge together Adobe Flash is becoming less relevant. The fact that Adobe is stopping mobile Flash support says it all (Adobe's Blog Post).

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