We'll help your business run smoother by creating and executing end-to-end custom solutions to meet your specific needs

Pay for performance

Most back office outsourcing companies charge by the # of people on an hourly basis. This model is dated and the client doesn’t know if they are getting value for their investment. Our key differentiator is that we will set up a pay-for-performance model, regardless of the request, which is unique in our industry.

Every client has different needs

Our team will structure the plan that fits your company’s needs personally, so you know that your account will be serviced by people and not just by machines.

Making your life easier - for less

The following is a partial list of services that ISBX can provide to support our clients:

Data Entry Outsourcing

Custom Solutions - It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what types of records you deal with, every business in today’s information age has a data-entry function. Whether we use your system or work together to build a custom solution for you, we can deliver a back office data entry outsourcing solution for your specific needs. Should your needs or scope change, ISBX is experienced and agile enough to efficiently adapt to new responsibilities.

E-Commerce Service

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Building and Cataloging – Unique identification numbers allow companies to effectively track inventory and availability. Frequently updating SKUs are both a resource and time drain for many companies. ISBX can provide the resources and management of this essential process for the growth of your e-commerce site. Most importantly, ISBX can provide custom solutions and strategies to capture useful customer data with each transaction and track purchases by building custom comprehensive reporting tools.

All this information can be extremely valuable for influencing your customers’ behavior, targeting your marketing dollars, and fine-tuning your marketing campaigns. You will be able to gain a more accurate understanding of your customers thereby strengthening your relationship with them.

Online Store Management – For a lot of small business and entrepreneurs, breaking into e-commerce can be overwhelming. The obvious concerns are the hefty start-up fees including cost of software licenses, maintenance and the resources necessary to managing your online store. ISBX can take the sting out of this daunting task by crafting an end-to-end solution and maintenance agreement that makes the process possible for any size budget.

Fraud Support

Content Verification – Studies have shown that online customer reviews are a vital factor in consumer purchasing decisions, revealing that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. A study by the Harvard Business School has shown that an added star on a product review or service rating can equate to a range of 5% to 9% increase in business.

Conversely, fraudulent and malicious negative reviews are also on the rise. The largest uncovered attempt at fraudulent reviews in recent history resulted in over $350,000 in penalties, but this pales in comparison to the revenue lost and the damage to credibility and reputation.

ISBX has the knowledge, experience and resources needed to provide solutions that will detect and eliminate these damaging fraudulent reviews that cost companies potentially millions in revenue.

Social Media Protection – ISBX helps individuals and companies protect their Social Media reputation. Protecting your reputation and privacy has never been more important, especially in today’s Social Media society. Internet fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. One example of this is online identity theft, where approximately 15 million US residents have their identities used fraudulently every year with losses totaling upwards of $50 billion. Another example of online fraud and its damaging results was captured in a recent research that found 70% of job recruiters rejected candidates based on information they found online.

Voice Service

In-Bound Customer Care – Customer service acts as a bridge between a company and its customers, and it can enhance a company’s image and sales through effective communication. Excellent customer service support enhances your company’s reputation, which can lead to long-term company success and growth. Successful companies are able to balance the needs of their customers with the cost constraints of customer service through effective call handling and alternate support options.

ISBX can provide these alternative cost effective solutions using our performance based pricing model.

Appointment Scheduling – When it comes to building a business, appointment scheduling is one of the most important services needed. While companies have many different reasons for outsourcing their appointment scheduling operations, perhaps the most obvious one is that it saves time and money. ISBX has the qualifications and expertise your company needs to ensure that each and every appointment is set quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Seminar Registration – ISBX team can handle all of your conference and seminar registration telephone calls and forward any information you request to you via email and many other digital mediums. Your company does not need to be overburdened with processing registrations in-house they are not equipped for.

Working with ISBX for your registration needs means you can spend your time coordinating a successful event, and not dealing with calls from participants.

Non-Voice Service

Email Support – Does your organization receive thousands of emails from customers that go unnoticed and unanswered? Partnering with ISBX for email support services can help you answer these email queries from customers with lightning fast turnaround.

When you partner with ISBX, you can save on precious time and concentrate more on your organization’s core competencies.

Live Chat Support – Live chat support helps companies interact with their customers by proactively inviting them to an online chat. This can be to provide support regarding their products or other services in real-time.

Chat support provides companies with an effective two-way communication system that can be utilized as an interactive customer support tool, as well as an effective marketing aid that converts browsers into buyers.

Additionally, Live Chat Support is very cost effective in comparison with Live Phone Support, which requires a heavy initial investment and high operating expenses.

Creative Asset Manipulation

Blueprint Digitization – ISBX provides services for the architectural, construction, electrical, fabrication and HVAC industries. We work directly with your team to fully understand your procedures and standards for delivering consistent, quality drawings and renderings. Through a partnership with ISBX your company can achieve cost savings, process improvement, and greater time for your core business.

We offer seamless communication, service-oriented resources, quality deliveries, and technical proficiency at competitive pricing.